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Posted 9/21/20

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

As the school year has begun we are doing our best to chart a course of regularly connecting with the youth of our parish.  It will take some creativity with the Covid-19 restrictions, so we can use everyone’s prayers and assistance.

A new ministry that is being promoted through the Metropolis Family Wellness Ministry is called the Relationship Project.  It is a wonderful program designed for high school students.  We recently had a Zoom Meeting for clergy and facilitators of the program.  Tomorrow evening will be a Zoom Meeting for parents of high school students, so that they can become familiar with the program before we begin with the students.

We hope to start this program soon either in person or on Zoom.  We encourage parents that can to please register for this Zoom Meeting and attend.  There will be another such meeting sometime in October for those that can’t join this session.

Below are some links to the Family Wellness Website and to the Faithtree Ministry that has developed the Relation Project offering a brief video about it.


This is a sample video clip from FaithTree if you'd like to get more of a feel for this wonderful ministry.

Thanks very much!

Love in Christ,

Fr. Paul

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