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We offer Bible Study Wednesday mornings at 10:00 a.m. in our Conference Room unless otherwise noted.




Lenten Renewal 2019
The Faith of the Eastern Orthodox                                                              Spring Adult Christian Education at Holy Trinity Cathedral

Purpose: This course is a perfect chance for a quick review of our Orthodox Faith and Practice during this year's Lenten Journey of Spiritual Renewal.  

Time: Mondays, 7:00-9:00pm
Location:  Small Hall/Conference Room at Holy                   Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral
Instructor: Fr. Deacon David B. Cole

Texts:  The Orthodox Church (Abp. Kallistos Ware,       1997) Intermediate (used in class)
                Introducing Eastern Orthodox Theology (Louth,   2013) Intermediate (excellent)
                The Orthodox Church: An Introduction to its History, Doctrine, and Spiritual Culture
                (Fr. John McGuckin, 2011) Intermediate-Advanced (excellent, new, detailed)

Supplemental Texts:     The Orthodox Church A to Z (Grubbe, 2003)
                                                Blackwell Dictionary of Eastern Christianity (2001)
                                                The Orthodox Church: 455 Questions & Answers (Harakas, 1988)
                                                Orthodox Christianity (Met. Hilarion, 4 vols., 2011-16)                                                     

Course of Study:
Date                            Topic                                    Reading in Ware
25 Feb.      Source of Faith:  Tradition and Scripture            Ch. 10 (11)
4 Mar.       God, His Church, and Theosis                            Ch.  12 (11)
11 Mar.      Earthly Heaven:  Liturgy and Sacraments I         Chs. 13, 14
18 Mar.      Earthly Heaven:  Liturgy and Sacraments II        Chs. 13, 14
25 Mar.      Earthly Heaven:  Liturgy and Sacraments III       Chs.  13, 14
1 Apr.       Tour of Cathedral:  Architecture of God's House         -----   
8 Apr.        Feasts, Fasts, and Private Prayer                         Ch. 15
15 Apr.       Orthodoxy and the Reunion of Christians             Ch. 16

Note to Catechumens: The two traditional times on the Church's liturgical calendar for the reception of converts are either Holy Theophany on Jan. 6 or Holy Saturday, at the end of  Holy Week and just before Holy Pascha.  These classes are designed with this tradition in mind, so that catechumens may be received into the Church either time, once they have completed both the fall and spring sections and met with the priest.  Holy Week begins this year 22 April evening and ends Holy Saturday 27 April. Holy Pascha is Sunday 28 April.    

Come, Attend, Renew, Grow, Expand and Enjoy Great Lent !!!