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"God loves a cheerful giver."

When we come to realize what a privilege it is to be able to give freely and generously for the work of our spiritual home, we do so gladly.

"Each person should give what he had decided in this heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver." (2 Corinthians 9:7)

Our Ministries Flourish

With ample funding the successful ministries of Holy Trinity flourish: We sustain a calendar rich with worship services. We offer adult catechism. We provide materials for our Sunday School and fellowship opportunities for our Seniors. We support the Greek Folk Dance Program and other youth activities. Our parish is blessed with a dynamic membership of committed and creative families. All of us share in the fulfillment of the Church's mission as we respond to a call for financial support. For our community, the goal remains to increase giving so that we may strengthen our ministries, expand our services and meet our parish expenses.

A Cathedral Promise

As leaders of the Orthodox community in our region, we dedicated ourselves as exemplars of commitment to the Church and to the faith. With any worthwhile commitment, a wise steward attends to its cost. As a parish, we embrace our role as Cathedral; we dedicate our Stewardship gifts in support of all our ministries and the entire operating budget of Holy Trinity.

Our calling as Christians places the responsibility on each of us individually. We personally perpetuate Christ's work of salvation through our own efforts. His work through the Body of the Church depends on the level of our generosity.

A Prayerful Consideration

Just as we watch the expenses of our household rise from year to year, we should note the increasing costs of our Parish and the Church. Please prayerfully consider increasing your pledge this year if your circumstances allow. God does not ask that we give more than we are able. Indeed, ultimately, we cannot outgive God Himself!

An Aid to Planning

"On the first day of every week (Sunday), each one of you should set aside a sum of money in keeping with his income." (1 Corinthians 16:2) The writers of Scripture understood that discipline and consistency may prove both prudent and fruitful. Making regular contributions is easier to budget than waiting until the end of the tax year. Often, families who give weekly or monthly find they can actually give more to the Church this way. Finally, by returning our pledge card at this time we provide our Parish Council with a basis for effective year-long management.

Call the cathedral office to learn of the options that suit you:

  • Weekly contribution envelopes
  • Direct Deposit Stewardship
  • VISA and MasterCard
  • Donations of appreciated securities

Your Pledging Household

Single adults or married couples become full Stewards of Holy Trinity Cathedral and of the Archdiocese with the submission of a completed pledge card to the Church office. Our guideline is the "half-tithe," or about $1 a week per $1,000 of annual income. It recognizes that many families give to other institutions as well, such as monasteries and missions, and takes into account various household make-ups from the single person on a fixed income to the two-income family.