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Spirit of Emilie Compassion Award given to one of our own

  Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed.
Psalm 82:3

After the deaths of her husband and 3 children, Emilie Gamelin, a French Canadian woman, dedicated her life to her church, becoming a nun.  As well as establishing 9 homes to minister to the needs of homeless, orphans, mentally ill, and more; she founded the Sisters of Providence. Ultimately these nuns started a school for orphans, and opened the first Providence Hospital. Emilie rests in the beautification stage in the Catholic church…one step from Sainthood.

Today, the award named after her—the Spirit of Emilie -Compassion Award is given to a health care worker who demonstrates exceptional compassion in their work with the sick, the dying, the elderly and those in need. Candidates are nominated from over 130,000 system-wide Providence caregivers, medical staff and volunteers.  Providence hospitals throughout our region...Oregon, Washington, California, Alaska, and Montana are included.

This years’ singular Spirit of Emilie-Compassion Award was given to our own

Chaleen DeStephano, an Orthodox Christian who exemplifies all that we are called to be.

Over a 30+ year career as a registered nurse, Chaleen worked in a vast array of critical-care  positions. Her 16 years at Washington’s Harbor View Medical Center, found her in HIV and oncology units. Another 10 years has been spent serving as a hospice, end of life caregiver.

Uniquely qualified, Chaleen is specially trained as a forensic nurse. To receive this certification, she completed over forty hours of Didactic training and a six-month internship. This enabled her to work with law enforcement; in prisons and with lawyers seeking medical testimony.

Most admirably, she became certified as a SANE -- Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner. In this role, she has the difficult task of gathering forensic evidence from victims of sexual assault, human trafficking and violence. This often involves gathering every piece of clothing, even shoes the patient is wearing.  Rape kits are administered as well. 

Her calm, loving-kindness ushers’ patients through this excruciating, emotional process.                     

Chaleen is also responsible for establishing the current Defeat Human Trafficking committee and mission here at Holy Trinity. She recently received her Emilie award plaque, along with accolades via a Zoom award ceremony.


Because victims must relinquish as evidence, everything they are wearing, Providence Hospitals supply basic clothing, in order for women to leave the hospital post examination.

Defeat Human Trafficking committee goal is to collect a total of 75 complete packages, of NEW, FAIR TRADE essential items. We invite you to give any one of the following:

Sweat Shirt/no words)       (Sm./Med./Large/XL)
Sweat Pants                        (Sm/Med./Large/XL)
Light weight T-shirt            (Sm/Med./Large/XL)
Flip Flops                            (Adult Sizes  6-10)
Pairs of Socks
Underwear                           (colorful, feminine)
A note of encouragement

  • Drop items in the small hall bin between now and February 14th.
  • Checks towards the purchase of these items are also welcomed. Make checks payable to: HOLY TRINITY 3131 NE Glisan, Portland, OR 97232    Memo: Compassion Award

We are happy to congratulate Chaleen on this auspicious award. Well done faithful servant. AXIOS!!

Note: We kindly ask that you purchase Fair Trade items where possible. It is in keeping with our promise to stop Labor/Sex Trafficking.

Defeat Human Trafficking Ministry
Awareness is Our Weapon

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