Additional Preparations for the Wedding

The following are some guidelines to assist you in preparing for your wedding at Holy Trinity: 

Rehearsal: Normally, the rehearsal for the wedding is held on the Friday before the wedding date. Everyone in the bridal party should attend, including the parents and ushers. The rehearsal usually lasts about an hour. Please ask your bridal party to be prompt in arriving. 

: Typically, there are two musical expressions at the wedding: Organ music for the prelude, processional, and recessional, and chanting during the wedding. The Church Office can provide you with a reference for a qualified organist upon request, as well as making arrangements for a chanter for your wedding. (With ample notice, the Holy Trinity Liturgical choir may be available. If you are interested, you can request the church secretary to have the choir director contact you.) 

Flowers: Floral arrangements should be in keeping with church décor. Care is asked to not deface Church property. Arrangements can be put in the candle holders if care is taken that they aren't in the way of the candles. Pew bows and pew flowers should be attached with plastic pew holders or ribbon. Do not use tape or wire, as these may scratch or mar the pews. We ask that flower girls do not scatter real flower petals unless an aisle runner is used. 

Dressing Rooms: A dressing room is available for your use in the Mother and Children's Room (the room on the North side of the Narthex). Please note that this room cannot be locked; do not leave purses, wallets or any other valuables or personal items the dressing room. 

Photography: In order to preserve appropriate decorum, we ask that no artificial lights (flashbulbs or floodlights) be used during the ceremony. Photographers should also take care to remain inconspicuous so as not to disrupt the service. Photographs and video recordings may be taken from the back of the nave and/or the side aisles, or from the balcony. 

Candles: The two brass candelabras in front of the altar screen are available for you to use. The middle candle is lit for services. We do suggest, however, that you only put in a few candles on each side, as they can generate a lot of heat. Dripless candles should be used. 

Food and Drink: No food or drink is allowed in the Cathedral, including the Narthex and the Dressing Room.