Renovation / Enhancements 2020

Status of Projects

Holy Trinity Cathedral Renovation/ Enhancement Projects 2020


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Update on the current status of our Cathedral Renovation/Enhancement Projects 2020 that are underway.

Sent out to Community Mailing List, Feb. 2, 2021

1.) VESTRY: Virtually complete, with a few small items still to be taken care of.

2.) AUDIO & VIDEO: Nearing completion. The video cameras have been installed, two in the Nave and one in the Altar Area. The large line-array speakers at the Solea and near the Balcony installed. New speakers in the Narthex and Exo-Narthex installed. New wireless microphones for the Clergy installed. New microphone for the Chanter Stand installed. Work in the electronics cabinet for both systems continues, with planned completion at end of this week. System tests and calibration to be performed in weeks following.

3.) LIGHTING: Virtually all the electrical work for this project (including some for Audio & Video) has been completed (a larger task than originally anticipated). The next step is installation of the 100+ light fixtures that are on order -- the key words being "on order". Turns out we were notified just a few days ago that a large part of the light fixture order will not arrive until the end of MARCH. With all the electrical work completed, the installation phase shouldn't take too long after the fixtures arrive. This will require that the scaffolding on the Solea will have to stay in place well into April.
        Additionally, volunteers from our Community have been working on converting our existing incandescent lighting to LEDs. Two weeks ago, conversion of the 8 large light fixtures over the pews was completed [Side note: The existing 1,000 Watt bulbs in the fixtures were each replaced with an 80 Watt LED. At time of their installation, the entire fixtures were cleaned -- they look great!]. Next in line will be the 10 existing fixtures over the side aisles in the Nave, and following that, the fixtures in the Narthex and Exo-Narthex. Lastly, focus now is on the LED conversion related to the large Chandelier. We are working on determining the best type of LED bulbs for this application. Anticipate completion in next 3-4 weeks.

4.) PAINTING: Most of the painting of the Cathedral interior has been completed. The exceptions are various touch-ups needed here and there as consequences of work on other projects having caused blemishes. The key delay at this point is at the south wall of the Nave, at the Stained-Glass window locations. Over the years, there has been water leaking in on that "weather side" of our Cathedral, and this has caused buckling to occur in the plaster at the bottom regions of the windows. Before we proceed with plaster repair, the source of leaking has to be mitigated. We are now in process of dealing with that issue -- hopefully to be taken care of in next few weeks. After that, the plaster repair can take place, and following that, the painting can be completed at those locations.

5.) CHOIR LOFT: The design is the same as that seen by committee members in the past. The final details and drawings (we hired a local architect to perform the latter) were all finally completed and submitted to the City of Portland last week to obtain a Permit for the work to proceed. We have no idea how long it will take to get the Permit. There are "horror" stories that this could take two-to-three months, but, time will tell. Let us all pray for a good and early outcome.

        S-1: Refurbish Narthex Men's Toilet Room: Completed.
        S-2: Refinish Balcony Pews: Completed. The pews are being stored offsite until Choir Loft Project is completed.
        S-3: Video: Installation is complete.
        S-4: Nave floor covering under pews: Completed.
        S-5: Modify pews in Nave for Wheelchairs: This item was suspended at our last Joint Committees meeting, due to lack of funding.

Click here to see photos of the renovations!